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13th Anniversary
13! 13! 13! 13! 13! 13!
13 Events in 13 Hours!

Grey Lodge 13th Anniversary Logo - Final VersionOur 13th Anniversary is Thursday August 13, 2009. However we are observing it on Saturday August 15th with 13 events in 13 hours!

So our 13th Anniversary is like the holiday that used to be called Washington's Birthday. Calendars used to say Washington's Birthday (observed) and Washington's Birthday (actual). Unlike Washington's Birthday (actual or observed),we'll have brewers and bands, special beers, and more! All Washington's Birthday ever had were white sales.

We have actually been here 59 years as of Labor Day 
Weekend, but for the last 13, we've been The Grey Lodge.

We considered turning it up to 11 for our 13th Anniversary, but on further thought decided screw it, let's turn this sucker up to 13! 

So it's 13 events over 13 hours. You can come to all the events (yeah!), come for a block of events, come for some leave and come back, or don't come at all (boo!). Whatever works best for you. 

Above is the official Grey Lodge 13th Anniversary logo in progress. This the day 3 version, which is also the finalized version. We'll have T-shirts for the 15th.

More details to come, but here are most of them. All details are subject to change and probably will.

Saturday Updates:

  • Carolyn Wyman's Cheesesteak Book will be just $10. While supplies last. And she'll be here to sign them.
  • Grey Lodge 13th Anniversary T-shirts will be at cost! Just $8. While supplies last.

Thursday Updates:

  • The prize barrel for Weyerbacher Beer Barrel Bingo has arrived.
  • We got mole, lots of delicious mole.
  • The traffic cone has been modified to human head size. And we have safety glasses for Casey. 
  • The rest of the beer arrived.

Wednesday Updates: 

  • Only 2 days left to plan.
  • We have obtained a traffic cone and rings. The cone was too large, but Bobby wandered into the office and offered a great solution. I knew we had him around for a reason. 
  • The T-shirts arrived. They look great! We have limited number of women's shirts (various sizes) and 2X tall shirts. 
  • A cake was ordered from Haegels. 
  • Just about all of the beer arrived today.
  • Victory Keller Pils didn't show, but the very last barrel of Victory Schwarz Pils did! So Phils and Pils remains Phils and Pils but with a different pils. 
  • The Hammer of Glory is in the building.
  • The Brooklyn Hour (2pm - 3pm) now includes a Grey Lodge Trivia contest with prizes from Brooklyn Brewing.

13! 13! 13! 13! 13! 

last updated 15 August 2009

11am: Dock Street Triskaidekaphilia Ente Wurst Breakfast. A Philadelphia take on the Munich snack Tradition. We'll be serving a 1/2 liter of Dock Street Triskaidekaphilia Dunkel Weisse, with a 1/4 pound sausage, and a Philly soft pretzel for one low price. Dock Street Triskaidekaphilia was made especially to celebrate our 13th Anniversary. The name (hopefully) translates as "love of the number 13".  

Also on tap will be a special Dock Street Keller Bohemian Pilsner, kegged just for our 13th Anniversary.

11am to 12pm
Beer: Dock Street Triskaidekaphilia Dunkel Weisse ($4.50/pint) and Dock Street Keller Bohemian Pilsner 
Snack Special: Ente Wurst (duck sausage) , a pretzel and a 1/2 liter of Dock Street Triskaidekaphilia ($8)

Noon: Levity (Comic) & Levitation (Stone).  Our own Erin Mulville will be lightening (and lighting) things up with some stand-up comedy. Erin recently was the winner or PTC's One-Two Punchline Contest: One Minute with The Second City.

Lightening up the beer situation will be Stone Levitation. At 4.4% ABV, Levitation is a great session beer to start the day off with.

We will also have Cali-Belgique, a great non-session beer, on tap for the hopheads.

And how can we not have Stone 13th Anniversary beer in bottles? We can't not, so we will.

Bar Joke Contest
Humor is a key component for a great bar. The Lodge has been lucky to have more than our fair share of jokes and jokers. We'll have
a Stone prize for the best told bar joke.

12pm to 01pm
Stone Levitation ($5/pint), Stone Cali-Belgique ($7/16oz draft), and Stone 13th Anniversary ($13/22oz bottle).
Contest: Bar Joke Contest, prizes from Stone Brewing
Entertainment: Comedian Erin Mulville.

01pm: 101 at 1pm with Philly Brewing.
Darts are a huge part of d
aily life here at The Grey Lodge. Philly Brewing will be taking over dart boards from 1 to 2pm. Beat Philly Brewing's Chris or Dean at 101 (double in/double out) and you'll win a Philly Brewing T-shirt.

We'll have a gravity pour firkin of Philadelphia Mayfair IPA. Mayfair IPA will be chock full of Amarillo hops for the hopheads. At 6.2%, it's a bit more than a session beer and bit less than a skullsplitter.

Philly Cheesesteaks
One of the first items on our expanded menu when we opened our kitchen in 2005 was our cheese steak sandwich. Since then our cheese steaks have gotten a bit of notice. To celebrate, from 1 to 2pm, we will have special pricing on them.

Carolyn Wyman, author of  The Great Philly Cheesesteak Book, which is a really cool book, will be on hand to sign her book. We will have 20 copies for sale.

Northeast native
Dan Marafino will be playing a solo set. Dan is very talented. You'll like him.

01pm to 02pm
gravity pour firkin of cask-conditioned Philadelphia Mayfair IPA ($4/16oz draft).
Food: Cheesesteaks
Contest: Darts - 101 vs. Philly Brewing, prizes from Philly Brewing
Author: Carolyn Wyman.
Entertainment: Dan Marafino.

02pm: Brooklyn 3 C's

It will be three C's
(chocolate, coffee, chicken) at 2pm. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and Brooklyn Intensified Coffee Stout will be on tap.

Pairing with the Brooklyn stouts will be Chicken Mole over rice. Thanks to Brooklyn Brewmaster Garret Oliver for the food pairing suggestion.

We will have a 13 question Grey Lodge Themed Quizzo with prizes from Brooklyn Brewing.

Rey Rico will be surf rocking. Surf rock is like sci-fi westerns. Two things that seem like an awful fit but go so well together.

02pm to 03pm
Beer: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout ($2.75/8oz draft), 
Brooklyn Intensified Coffee Stout ($3.25/8oz draft)
Chicken Mole over rice with grilled vegetables $7.50.
Contest: 13 question Grey Lodge Themed Quizzo with prizes from Brooklyn Brewing
Entertainment: Rey Rico Surf Rock.
03pm: Weyerbacher Beer Barrel Bingo

This ain't your grandma's beach blanket bingo! This is Beer Barrel Bingo with Weyerbacher.

Bingo is a game of zero skill so anyone can win. The prize is one of Weyerbacher's aging barrels (i.e. one of the barrels they use to age their bourbon-barrel-aged beers). Weyerbacher will even deliver the barrel to you! It's too big to fit in most cars.

We'll have Weyerbacher
13th Anniversary on tap (that's now a rare one), and a special unfiltered cask-conditioned version of Weyerbacher Hops Infusion via gravity pour.

Surf rock band
Rey Rico will keep on rocking. 

03pm to 04pm
Weyerbacher 13th Anniversary ($5/8oz draft) and gravity pour firkin of cask-conditioned Weyerbacher unfiltered Hops Infusion IPA ($6/16oz draft).
Contest: Beer Barrel Bingo. Prize is a Weyerbacher aging barrel.
Entertainment: Rey Rico Surf Rock
04pm: Victory Pils and Phils and Really Old Old Horizontal!

Victory Pils and Phils:
Watching a game on the big screen with other people is one of the simple pleasures of the Grey Lodge. So it seems right to spend at least one out of 13 hours doing just that. Cheer on the Phillies with the last
barrel of Victory Schwarz Pils.

Wear Phillies gear to get a free Victory pint glass. Tracy will have other prizes too. Purchase a Victory for a chance to win.

Plus: Really Old Old Horizontal: We have 23 bottles of Old Horizontal that we have been aging since 1997, which we will be breaking out for our 13th Anniversary. There was a full case, but we tried one to make sure it is still drinkable (it is). We'll be serving it by the glass.

Local author, and long time friend of the Grey Lodge, Lew Bryson will be on hand selling and signing copies of Pennsylvania Breweries.

04pm to 05pm
Beer: Victory Schwarz Pils ($4.75/16oz draft) and Really Old Old Horizontal ($3/6oz bottle pour)
Give Aways: From Victory Brewing, free Victory pint glass to anyone wearing Phillies gear, and chances to win Victory Gear.
Entertainment: Rey Rico Surf Rock
Author: Lew Bryson.
05pm: Grey Lodge Bar Mitzvah

To celebrate the Grey Lodge's Bar Mitzvah, we'll have a Stoudts Keller Pils gravity pour firkin. Helping us pull this off the bar mitzvah will be The Grey Lodge's reigning Beer Geek, Steve Hawk. Steve will start things off by tapping the firkin. Then he'll read some Hebrew.

It can’t be a bar mitzvah without games, so we have a Pin the Yamulke on 
Steve Hawk game with prizes from Stoudts.. This will be a paper Steve. Please do not pin stuff onto the real Steve. There will be NO prizes for pinning stuff to the real Steve.

And we'll have free cake from Haegels. You can't have a bar mitzvah without cake.

Blues Bizness will be rocking the house. You can't have a bar mitzvah without music.

We'll be putting the bar in bar mitzvah.

05pm to 06pm
gravity pour firkin of cask-conditioned Stoudts Keller Pils ($5.25/16oz draft).
Food: Free birthday cake.
Contests: Pin the Yamulke on Steve Hawk, with prizes from Stoudts Brewing.
Entertainment: Blues Bizness.
06pm: Six Sixpoint Sixtels at 6pm.

6-6-6!!! Six Sixpoint Sixtels at 6pm! Or is that 6-6-6-6? Special pricing on six different beers from our friends at Sixpoint, Sweet Action, Apollo, Righteous, Bengali Tiger, Brownstone, and Sixpoint Express.

Blues Bizness will continue rocking the house.

06pm to 07pm
Beer: Sixpoint Sweet Action
($2/8oz draft), Sixpoint Apollo ($2/8oz draft), Sixpoint Righteous ($2/8oz draft), Sixpoint Brownstone ($2/8oz draft), Sixpoint Bengali Tiger ($2/8oz draft), Sixpoint Express ($4/8oz draft).
Entertainment: Blues Bizness.
07pm: Flashback with Boulder Flashback.

Boulder Flashback
will be on tap while a computer projects flash backs of the Grey Lodge's 13 years.

We'll have 20 Boulder Flashback Shirts with an anniversary Grey Lodge stuff on the back. Chances to win for anyone who buys a Flashback from 7pm to 8pm.

Blues Bizness will continue rocking the house.

06pm to 07pm
Beer: Boulder Flashback
($5/16oz draft).
Give-Aways: Drawing for 20 Boulder Flashback T-shirts.
Entertainment: Blues Bizness and Flashback slide show.
08pm: Yards Crazy 8's at 8!

We'll have Yards Thomas Jefferson (
8% ABV) on draft and Yards Cape of Good Hope IPA (also 8%) in firkin.

Magic 8 Ball will determine who gets giveaways, Crazy 8 card games.

Blues Bizness will continue rocking the house.

08pm to 09pm
Beer: Yards Thomas Jefferson ($4.25/16oz draft) and
gravity pour firkin of cask-conditioned Yards Cape of Good Hope IPA ($5.75/16oz cask).
Give-Aways: Magic 8-Ball will determine winners.
Contest: Prizes from Yards Brewing for winners of Crazy 8s
Entertainment: Blues Bizness
09pm: Sly Fox Chicken and Egg Party.

We'll have a special barrel of Sly Fox Keller Pikeland Pils. We will also have special Sly Fox Chicken Wings, recipe courtesy of Suzy Woods.

Suzy Woods, Sly Fox's Beer Lass, will have a basket of plastic eggs. Some will be winners.  Some won't.

09pm to 10pm
Sly Fox Keller Pikeland Pils ($4.25/16oz draft).
Food Special: 9 Sly Fox Chicken Wings and pint Sly Fox Keller Pikeland Pils for $9.
Contest: Lucky and unlucky eggs with prizes from Sly Fox Brewing. 
Entertainment: A video of Sly Fox head brewer Brian O'Reilly's beer and chicken song. Sadly Brian can't make it but we'll have video, or at least audio. 
10pm: It's Always Sunshine-y at the Grey Lodge featuring Keller Troegs Sunshine Pils.

Prizes from Troegs for winners of a 13 question 
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Quizzo.

Anyone who comes dressed as the Greenman will definitely get a Troegs shirt. Dressing as other characters may prove shirtworthy as well.

We will have a special Keller Troegs Sunshine Pils plus Troegs Naked Elf on draft.

10pm to 11pm
Troegs Keller Sunshine Pils ($4.25/16oz draft) and Troegs Naked Elf ($6.50/16oz draft).
Contests: It's Always Sunny Quizzo, prizes from Troegs for reenacting a scene from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and prizes for dressing up like a character from It's Always Sunny.
11pm: Flying Fish Exit 11 at 11pm.

We'll have Exit 11 on draft and Exit 4 in bottles.

We'll also be having some fun with Fish head brewer Casey Hughes. Casey will be wearing a traffic cone on his head (this was his idea, though he may have been not 100% sober when he came up with it). Get 1 out of 3 rings on the cone, get a prize. This will be the 13th event in the 13th hour. Casey will probably be here all day and most likely quite wobbly by then, adding to the difficulty level.

11pm to midngiht
Flying Fish Exit 11 ($5.25/16oz draft) and Flying Fish Exit 4 ($16.50/25oz bottle).
Contests: Get a ring on Casey! Prizes from Flying Fish Brewing.

13! 13! 13! 13! 13!

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