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Kenny's Crabby Christmas and Cricket Fiesta

From our buddy Brian:

My good friend Kenny is coming home for the week of Xmas .... Kenny is OBSESSED with eating crabs (from the sea ). Anyway if you wanted to plan something on Sat. Dec 29th .... I was thinking Kenny's Crabby Christmas and Cricket Fiesta.

OK I have never dealt with food so maybe it isn't worth while for you to do crabs in December but his family is big crab eaters too so I'm pretty sure they would sell ... Lodge crab fries? crabcakes?

Also if we did a cricket dart tournament with each team throwing up $5 or $10 bucks whatever to get a nice money pool up for the winners we could do a NCAA style bracket ..signup before 8 .. tourney starts at 8 ... i will also make a 2012 king crab leg trophy that will have to be defended every year

Scoats here:
Crabs come from all over the world these days so seasonality isn't a huge issue. We will definitely have crab cakes and crab fries (with real crab) and maybe crab au graten. And we will definitely do a cricket tournament.

Brian made a great trophy (shown above) for the cricket tournament.

So crabs and cricket on 12/29.

Got an idea for an event? Email me (scoats@greylodge.com), we'll do our best to make it happen.

Kenny's Crabby Christmas and Cricket Fiesta
Saturday, 29 December 2012
7pm - 10pm

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