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Another Totally Normal Night of the Year (aka New Year's Eve)

At the Grey Lodge Pub, December 31st is just another normal night of year. Well "normal" is relative when it comes to us, so as normal as we get. We get our ya-yas out the rest of the year. December 31st is a night to take it calm.

Dress for comfort, not to impress, but wear your glad rags if you wish.

No outrageous cover charge. In fact no cover charge at all.

Our beer line-up will be our usual world class selection, with possibly some Christmas leftovers.

The TVs will be on as will the jukebox. Knock yourself out.

The dart area will be a dart area not a dance floor. Shoot away.

Our kitchen will be open as usual.

So if you find yourself at a sucky party and want to bail, stop on by; we'll be here. If you find yourself at a great party, hey have fun; we'll be here the other 364 nights of the year too.

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