The Grey Lodge Pub
Merry Pielsmas

Disclaimer: While Merry Pielsmas is a Grey Lodge event, it is not technically a beer event. It is fun though.

Every December 24th at the stroke of Midnight, everyone is invited to join the Cliver Brothers in Merry Pielsmas. As the clock strikes midnight and Christmas Eve becomes Christmas Day, we raise a (entire) can of Piels (no dumping) to celebrate. Sure it makes little sense, but is it that much weirder than putting a dead tree in your living room? And Piels is a little bit less of a fire hazard. Poem below by Andy Cliver.

‘‘Twas the night before Pielsmas, and all through the bar,
Many creatures were stirring, for a can of swill wasn't far.

It grew later and later, and all the regulars wished,
That the clock would tick midnight, so the Piels they could swish.

The crowd was all ready, they drank lots of good brew,
Compared to what they've all had, the Piels will taste, uh, "new."

Then a thump at the door, sent the Lodge into a clatter,
Scoats through open the curtains to see what was the matter.

And what to their wandering eyes did appear,
It was the Cliver Brothers, with a case of "premium" beer.

So they gathered their pints, and all downed their drink,
And Andy said, "Merry Pielsmas to all, now don't pour it out in the sink."

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