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Every April 4th, it's Quad Day

When the calendar turns 04/04, we of course celebrate Quad Day. What else would we do on that date but have four Belgian style Quad beers on tap (quad quads)?

Quads are super high octane abbey style ales. The most common abbey style ales are doubles (or dubbels) that usually clock in at 7 to 8%, and triples (or tripels) which usually clock in between 9 and 10%. Less common are singles (oddly NOT also singels) which clock in under 6%, and quads which clock in at over 10%. So anywho 4 quads for 4/4.

Quad are abbey style beers at their maximum. They are tasty sippers, especially after they have warmed up a little bit.

On tap for 2015 Quad Day:
- Free Will Black Friday Quad
- Otter Creek 20th Anniversary*
- Stone Stochasticity Project Quadrotriticale
- Weyerbacher Quad

* Not a Belgian style Quad, Otter Creek 20th Anniversary is their Copper Ale with four times the malts and hops. That's "quad" enough for us.

Come out and work your quads!

Quad Day
Saturday, 04 April 2015
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