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It was the spring of 1999, Scoats had a Men's Room he had wanted tiled for a quite a while and the time was finally right to get it done (and after 5 years finally had $500 in profit to use for it). At the same time, his friend Peggy Brecht, a Philadelphia artist, was beginning to work with tile. Peggy came up with the design concept and creating the quote tiles. Scoats located the quotes and found the cobalt tile, but mostly acted as the apprentice. Their collaboration has resulted in a one-of-a-kind Men's Room featuring beer wisdom immortalized in tile, bottle caps, and several tons of ceramic tile, grout, and glue.

The result turned out better than even the artists had expected and much to Scoats's surprise is appreciated by people of all ages. This project was inspired by the work of Philadelphia artist, Isaiah Zagar.

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We completed our first floor Ladies Room in May of 2001. The title of project is "Heart Symbol & $ (Love and Money)", and features love and money quotes surrounded by red and green tile. The love quotes are in the red section and the money quotes in the green.

Please click here for our Restrooms Picture Gallery.

Peggy passed away suddenly in 2002. Scoats is currently working on a tile project for our 2nd floor Ladies Room. It is entitled, Around the World, One Plate at a Time. Besides tile and mirror, this project uses souvenir travel plates cut with a wet-saw. Scoats hopes to return to the project once the 2010 Website update is completed.

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