The Grey Lodge Pub
Beer Season

If you are a beer hunter, The Grey Lodge Pub should be one of your hunting grounds.

Beer Season begins on the Monday after Thanksgiving, which not coincidently is also the first day of Deer Season in Pennsylvania.

Beer Season is our longest running promotion, starting in 1996, the same year we became The Grey Lodge Pub. In all these years, the deal hasn't changed. Beer Season runs for 13 weeks. Catch all 13 beers of the week, one a week, and receive a free limited-edition, not for sale, not available in stores, not as-seen-on-TV, non-toxic T-shirt.

We create a new design every season, so the shirts are instant collector's items, for those who collect such things.

This year for our 18th annual Beer Season, we are spotlighting lagers, Historically lagers have gotten bum rap in the craft beer world. This a shame since lagers can be amazing. We will spotlight bottom fermented beer in its many diverse varieties. Thirteen different styles of lager!

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